Social Security Disability Claims

Living with a disability presents many difficult challenges, and the complicated process of obtaining Social Security benefits can be overwhelming for anyone.  Mr. McCartney eases this burden by providing assertive representation for clients at every stage of the process.

Initial Application

There are two types of disability claims that you may be eligible for, and it is often necessary to gather large amounts of information before filing your initial application.  The Social Security Administration also sends packets of paperwork that must be completed after your claim is filed.  Mr. McCartney will help you provide the information needed to get your claim approved.

Request for Hearing

You may have heard the rumor that “everyone gets denied the first time they apply.”  While this is not always true, it is common for even very strong claims to get denied at the initial level, no matter how many times you apply.  This is why it is important to appeal your denial by filing a request for hearing.  Although the appeals process takes more time, your chances of getting approved are much higher at this level if the claim is handled properly.  Mr. McCartney knows how to gather essential medical evidence and present strong legal arguments needed to win your appeal.

Appeals Council

Mr. McCartney has been very successful in getting claims approved at the hearing level.  However, every judge is different, and some judges deny a high percentage of claims.  If your claim has been denied after a hearing, this does not mean that the fight is over.  Every hearing decision is subject to review by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council.  If a judge’s denial of your claim contains errors of law, Mr. McCartney will provide arguments in support of a request to either reverse your denial or remand your case for a new hearing.

Federal Court

If the Appeals Council denies a request to review your hearing decision, a civil claim can be brought against the Social Security Administration in federal court.  Mr. McCartney is admitted to practice law in federal court where he can file a claim on your behalf.


There are no fees unless your claim is approved, and the fee amount is regulated by the Social Security Administration.  A full explanation of fees will be provided before you are asked to sign a fee agreement.